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All promotions are organised by categories to help you find what you need. The intuitive UI will not just help you discover the promotions and search on the fly but also allows you to make decisions based on distance of the establishment, ratings & reviews, 360 tour and much more. Further, under “Trending” we show you promotions popular amongst Veute users.

Promotions on Veute are real time and comes to you directly from the brand & businesses which means you always know their latest offerings. Moreover, the promotions are always not about offers and deals but also about what’s fresh and new.

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Jugnu Kids

Jugnu Kids Nursery Rhymes are beautifully animated Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs in Hindi and English Languages. With our beautiful and charming characters Adi, Lily and Bobo, our young fans from all around the world love us.

This App is mainly divided into three main Sections

Hindi Nursery Rhymes

English Nursery Rhymes

Learning Video

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P-Cab application is for booking cabs at affordable rates with no hidden charges. It has a smooth and quick signup/login process.
Install today and enjoy your first ride and feel the difference.

P-Cab User can book cab according to their purpose. There are three types of services which P-Cab provides:

1. Point to Point
2. Rental
3. Outstation

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In business time is money and when there is a delay due to the availability a true entrepreneur gets panic. To assure that all buyers and sellers are easily accessible and also to ensure that your enquiries are not waiting in the mail box for you to login is this Tradebrio app created.
Act when action is needed and not when you have availability of resources. This app is for all the businesses which can be product or services. You can know them, contact them and have chat all by downloading this simple app. It is the core business app which keeps one updated with the market scenario and need.

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Agriculture sector despite contributing 14% of the GDP is in desperate need of innovations. Area considered to be in urgent need of disruption are supply chain and market linkage.
A complex & fragmented supply chain, opaque price discovery process along with inadequate forward integration, has resulted in sub optimal quality, low price and high wastage of farm produce. In a nutshell consumers are paying as much as 400% more than the price at which produce was sold at farm gate.

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JiE is a social networking lifestyle cost-benefit analysis calculator application. JiE allows users to input data, such as income and/or time spent on an activity, in order to determine the percentage of money and/or time that is required for a particular product, service, or activity.

Users create posts to compare costs of products, services, recreational activities, etc. and ask friends, family, the world, and, most importantly, themselves “Is it worth it?”

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Anna Ji Film

The official Anna Hazare Mobile application of the biopic film ‘ANNA’, based on the life of Indian social activist ‘Kisan Baburao “Anna” Hazare’.

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The Jharkhand Education project council

The Jharkhand Education Project Council is a useful and relevant elementary education app for all children in the 6 to 14 age group. There is also another goal of this app to bridge social, regional and gender gaps, with the active participation of the community in the management of schools. By using this app user will get details of the school like (School Name, Village Name, Block Name, District Name and School Location) which are coming under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

Max Pharmacy

Max Pharmacy is an online medical store. With the help of this app you can order your medicines from anywhere. Just open this App, upload your prescription, rest assured that your medicines will be delivered anywhere in India. It’s useful for those patients who need medicines on a regular basis.
Key features:-
– Online Pharmacy
– Home delivery of medicines
– Get discount on medicines.
– Upload Prescription
– Order History

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Spend-it – Wisely will help you to sum the total amount of money you have lost in your mobile. This app will calculate how much money you have lost on particular app on the base of your monthly income and working hour in a week. Spend-it – Wisely lets you create profiles that block your calls, texts, and notifications. You can even restrict access to any apps and limit your phone usage, so you can make sure you can focus, don’t get distracted, break free and have some quality time.


Many people have discovered the freedom to be completely themselves by traveling the world on their own and taking advantage of unique destinations for inspiration and self-discovery, but not necessarily they want to stay alone all the time.
Passenger will connect them through the creation of events made by users.

You can create an event inserting where you are, when, adding pictures and also additional informations, and keep going with your travel knowing new interesting people as you.
Otherwise you can see what’s going around you and be part of an event to meet new travel friends.

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Who Knows me More

WHO KNOW ME MORE app five challenge in one app : You will answer by any language you wants using english or arabic letters.

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Start on Transport

There are hundreds of points where the risk fatal accidents occur repeatedly in Israel roads. Attention application was developed to alert the driver whenever he approaches the point of risk, to be aware of and act cautiously towards it.

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Cache Cleaner

Cache cleaner is very useful and easy app for clearing application cache file quickly.
If your device is running very slow and your phone storage is running out of space then must try this app.

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iStreamJobs is the most innovative Radio App that is dedicated to Job Announcements.
You can find your job(s) and listen to them rather than reading.

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Kids Painting

Kids love creating something on their own and saving it, that is why we created this application. Kids will have fun with coloring drawings of various pages. Your kids will enjoy coloring pages with this fun app. Have a special coloring experience with Kids painting app. This is one of the best coloring apps available in Android Play Store.

– Save Drawing.

– Share Drawing .

– Set as Wallpaper

– Use of Pen

– Fill Color Tool

– Zoom of painting created with pinch

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Death Smasher

The most addictive smasher game available on Google Play Store with a brand new graphic full of animations and awesome sounds that bring the user experience to a brand new level.

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