Online Marketing

Online Marketing is exploding all over the world, but the SMEs in India are JUST starting to realize the importance of it.

Some of them still believe Yellow pages or Newspaper advertising is their best bet!

It is a fundamental shift in way we do marketing for our business, so why not embrace it capitalize on it and get started to build your authority in the local niche market?

Thousands of customers are looking for your services on google. The first 3 positions on Google get 90% all traffic. Are you there? Are you on the first page? If not, you are effectively loosing all those customers to your competitors.

We help local businesses to use online marketing methods to not only increase their website rankings on google using Search Engine Optimization, but also get them targeted traffic using Google Adwords.

We also use Social Media channels like Twitter, facebook and youtube to get your brand more known in the local market.

If you were to pick up just 1 extra client per quarter that added value to your business to the tune of about $300 (15,000 Rs), that is an extra $1200 (1,18,000 Rs per annum). Multiply that over say a 10 year client relationship span, and it mounts up to $12000 ( around 5 lakhs). Definitely significant, and that is just 1 extra client.

So you can easily see the value you would be able to receive with increased web presence for your business.

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