Arlin Jewels

Arlin Jewels Pvt Ltd has steadily developed into one of India’s leading e-commerce companies. The vision behind this company was to enhance the customer experience of purchasing jewellery in India. While retaining a focus on high quality, precious jewellery crafted

IBS Hospitals

IBS Hospitals was built up in the year 2011 and from our origin we are committed to give the best Healthcare to people around the world. We provide treatment in the field of Neurosurgery, Neurology, Spine surgery, Orthopedics and Joint


HERETAXI Is a reliable and safe way to hail a vehicle for hire to your front door! Is the fastest way to book a vehicle for hire! Driver information instantly! No Cash Needed! Passengers will never be Surcharged! Link on


P-Cab application is for booking cabs at affordable rates with no hidden charges. It has a smooth and quick signup/login process. Install today and enjoy your first ride and feel the difference. P-Cab User can book cab according to their


In business time is money and when there is a delay due to the availability a true entrepreneur gets panic. To assure that all buyers and sellers are easily accessible and also to ensure that your enquiries are not waiting


Agriculture sector despite contributing 14% of the GDP is in desperate need of innovations. Area considered to be in urgent need of disruption are supply chain and market linkage. A complex & fragmented supply chain, opaque price discovery process along